The recording studio is available to all students after completing the introductory course to audio technology. Times are listed in the syllabus.

The following technologies and equipment are available:

  • computer-based recording system with a wide range of software packages
  • DAW: Logic Pro / Ableton Live
  • analogue synthesiser
  • Doepfer analogue modular system
  • analogue mixer
  • effects units
  • analogue/digital converter (AD/DA)
  • active reference speakers
  • Ableton Push Controller
  • various microphones

All kinds of sound work can be undertaken in the recording studio, ranging from classic multi-track recording and purely computer-based composition to completely free and experimental sound design using analogue modular systems or code-base software applications.


Daniel Fort
Dürerstraße 10
60596 Frankfurt am Main


Sound studio, Photo: Kerstin Cmelka, 2018Sound studio, Photo: Kerstin Cmelka, 2018

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