Photo: Julian Martitz

Johan Bettum

Photo: Åsa Lundén, Moderna Museet

Daniel Birnbaum

Philosophy and Art Education
Photo: Heji Shin

Isabelle Graw

Art Theory
Foto: Florian Zeyfang

Judith Hopf

Fine Arts, Vice-Rector
Photo: Sebastian Bolesch / HKW

Hassan Khan

Fine Arts
Photo: Büro Schramm für Gestaltung

Philippe Pirotte

Art History and Cultural Education, Rector
Photo: Killa Schuetze

Tobias Rehberger

Photo: Jonas Leihener

Willem de Rooij

Fine Arts
Photo: Tony Rinaldo

Amy Sillman

Photo: Qiao Zhang

Theodore Spyropoulos

Photo: Abigail Enzaldo, © Haegue Yang and kurimanzutto, 2017

Haegue Yang

Fine Arts


Photo: Rheinisches Bildarchiv, Köln

Kasper König

Cultural Education
Photo: Anders Clausen

Wolfgang Tillmans

Fine Arts


Photo: Louis Haugh

Gerard Byrne

Photo: American Academy Berlin

Beatriz Colomina

Architecture History
Photo: David Fischer

Nikolas Gambaroff

Photo: Nicole Strasser

Tom McCarthy

Fine Arts

Jenny Nachtigall

Art Theory
Photo: Michael Setzpfandt

Bonaventure Ndikung

Art Theory and Curatorial Studies
Foto: privat

Peter Trummer

Architecture and Urban Design
Photo: Eunice Tsang

Wu Tsang

Photo: Rob Kulisek

Mark Wigley

Architecture Theory

Additional Teachers

Mark von Schlegell

Art and Literature

Mark von Schlegell (*1967 in New York/USA) lives and works in Cologne. He is teaching the writing class “Pure Fiction” in Städelschule. "Contemporary writer" Mark von Schlegell is a dual Irish and American citizen. He was born in New York and lives in Cologne. He is the author of the novels Venusia (2005) and Mercury Station (2009) published by M.I.T./Semiotext(e). Venusia was honor’s listed for the 2007 James Tiptree, Jr. Prize in science fiction. His experimental fiction and cultural criticism appear regularly in the international art world. Realometer (2009), a collection of literary essays on Poe, Melville and James Tiptree, Jr. is available from Merve Verlag, Berlin in German.

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