Johannes Helberger: KLING KLANG KLONG

Vortrag, 16. Januar 2019, 19:00



Stellenausschreibung, 7. Januar – 3. Februar 2019

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Foto: Yvonne Schmedemann

Carsten Meyer

Vortrag, 17. Januar 2019, 19:00

Stephanie Comilang

Vortrag, 31. Januar 2019, 19:00

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Tim Griffin: Dispositions

Vortrag, 15. Januar 2019, 19:00

Georgia Sagri: Art Without Work & Work Without Art

Vortrag29. Mai 2018, 19:00Aula, Städelschule, Dürerstraße 10, 60596 Frankfurt am Main

"The home constantly calibrates various tempos and demands the weaving of private and public. All of this happens in parallel to the most important element, which is the taking care of affinities and friendships that build up. The rupture of an individual artist’s life has a social significance and this can also happen inside the space of a home. ΥΛΗ[matter]HYLE aims to call for all kinds of forms of social activities but often this work is not seen as work." 
G.S. 2018 

The lecture is part of the Georgia Sagri and I exhibition, currently to be seen in Portikus.
Georgia Sagri (b. 1979, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Athens and New York. 

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt. 

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