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Foundation Städelschule für Baukunst

The Founder and the Purpose of the Foundation

Günter Bock (1918-2002), head of the Städelschule architecture class from 1972-1984, set up the Foundation in 2001. His vision was to strengthen and support the future work of the Städelschule Architecture School. In the 1970s Günter Bock began the process of creating an international network for the school, in particular through establishing relationships with renowned architecture schools such as the Architectural Association in London. He established the postgraduate studies program in “Conceptual Design.”

The Foundation’s mission is defined in the following statement: "The Foundation wishes to explore, observe, and give scientific backing to the ever-changing relationship between landscape, architecture, design, and art through the promotion of education, art, and culture on an international level." These words set out a very contemporary, but also future-oriented, objective: an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary perspective and mode of practice, which breaks through the often one-sided and over-specialized knowledge of the Modernist era.

Günter Bock described the Foundation’s efforts to realize its mission: "The Foundation aims to consolidate the position of the Städelschule architecture department by organizing international activities such as competitions, summer academies, and conferences in its name, and through its active participation, as well as by awarding prizes or guest professorships in selected subjects.”

The Work of the Foundation

Following Günter Bock’s death in 2002, the Foundation began publishing a small collection of his theoretical texts in a book entitled "Architectural Theory: Ruminations of an Old Hand". Günter Bock had planned this book as the first step towards a symposium on architectural theory, a project that he sadly was not able to carry out himself.

The Foundation organized its first symposium "Architecture & Theory" in November 2005 at the DAM in Frankfurt. The symposium addressed the subject of architectural theory, with particular focus on the question of the relationship between architectural theory and practice and included architects and theorists from various parts of the world.

Subsequent to the symposium the book Architecture & Theory was published in November 2009. This publication includes texts from symposium participants as well as additional authors. Junius Verlag (Hamburg) published the book in both English and German, and held a book launch at the DAM in Frankfurt.

In November 2008, the Foundation organized its first alumni reunion with lectures given by seven internationally practicing Städelschule alumni from different academic years and an exhibition of their work. The Foundation is planing to hold an alumni event every three years. Each future reunion will continue to feature the work of Städelschule alumni through exhibitions and lectures organized in conjunction with the presentation of the work of the current Städelschule Architecture Class.

The Foundation announced the creation of a Baukunst Prize and will award it for the first time in 2012. Awards will be given to work of an inter- or trans-disciplinary nature, or work that transcends interdisciplinary boundaries, as set out in the statutes of the Foundation: i.e. concepts that not only address architectural aspects, but also include a choice of landscape, urban and/or general spatial qualities.

The Foundation and the Städelschule

The vision and mission of the Foundation has always aimed to support the Städelschule Architecture Class both through its activities and according to the spirit of its statutes, while remaining largely independent of the affairs of the school. In the future, closer collaboration and coordination is planned between the Foundation, the Städelschule, and the architecture department. A concrete cooperation is seen as a desirable asset that will contribute to the development of the architecture program. The Foundation will enter this new phase without giving up its independence as organization. 

To foster this increased collaboration, as of 2011, the Foundation will sponsor the Günter Bock Prize, an annual award given to the student who has completed the first year of studies in the Architecture Class with the best results. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2007 and in the past was made possible by the generous support of the Lions Club Frankfurt. The prize consists of a €3.000 scholarship to be used towards the annual tuition for the Graduation Year.
The Günter Bock Prize award ceremony takes place in conjunction with the annual Dean’s Honorary Lecture during the end-of-year reviews.

Supporting the Foundation

The foundation depends on membership dues and donations to support its activities and mission.

Become a supporting member of the Foundation today by sending in the attached Membership form.

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In addition to becoming a member, donations can be made to the Foundation at any time by wire transfer to the following bank account:

Stiftung Städelschule für Baukunst
Konto Nr. 200 371 096
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Frankfurter Sparkasse, Frankfurt am Main

IBAN: DE38 5005 0201 0200 3710 96

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Board of Directors

  • Prof. Johan Bettum, SAC Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main
  • Sergiusch Godulla, Kronberg a.Ts.
  • Lars Nixdorff, Frankfurt am Main

Advisory Board

  • Prof. Luise King (Chairwoman), Berlin
  • Fabian Godbersen, Frankfurt am Main
  • Regine Held-Albus, Frankfurt am Main
  • Prof. Nikolaus Hirsch, Rector Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main
  • Prof. Holger Hoffmann, Düsseldorf / Wuppertal
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kloft, Frankfurt am Main / Braunschweig
  • Claudia Meixner, Frankfurt am Main
  • Nikolaus Parmasche, Frankfurt am Main
  • Jürgen Riehm, New York / Frankfurt am Main
  • Prof. Ulrich Scheffler, Frankfurt am Main

Corresponding Advisory Board

  • Prof. Ben van Berkel, Dean SAC Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main
  • Prof. Daniel Birnbaum, Stockholm
  • Matthias Böttger, Berlin (DAZ)
  • Prof. Sir Peter Cook, London
  • Dr. Niklas Maak, Frankfurt am Main
  • Peter Cachola Schmal, Frankfurt am Main (DAM)
  • Prof. Mark Wigley, Dean GSAPP Columbia University, New York


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