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The Architecture Class and the Städelschule offer an abundance of resources for the daily use of its students. In addition to the school's library featuring some 20,000 volumes, 3,500 slides and 60 journals.
These resources include the vast cultural program that the Frankfurt.


The school is equipped with licenses for McNeel Rhinoceros as well as Vray for Rhino to accommodate every student of the Architecture Class.



Rapid prototyping and Workshops

SAC provides its own in-house model-making facilities. Most significantly, this includes the programme's rapid prototype workshop. Featuring Envisiontec's Perfactory model with a photo-polymerization process based on Mask Projection, using DLPTM (Digital Light Processing) Technology, students are initiated and have access to state-of-the-art model making. The machine delivers stunning models in translucent acrylic with a unique degree precision.

Laser Cutter

SAC and the Städelschule update their workshop with a laser cutting machine from Eurolaser. The M-1200 is a top-of-the-class, flatbed machine with a work area of 1200x1300 mm. It will be run by Christian Zickler and his team in the Städelschule print workshop.


The exhibition space, Portikus (www.portikus.de), adds to Städelschule's  international reputation. Its name derives from the surviving portico of the public library from 1825 that was destroyed during World War II. In 1987, the vestige of this classical building once again fulfilled its architectural function as a facade when the Frankfurt-based architects Marie-Theres Deutsch and Klaus Dreißigacker built a simple but precise white cube: the Portikus gallery. Due to the reconstruction of the former public library in 2003, after 16 years and more than 100 exhibitions, Portikus moved into the ground floor of the historical building known as the Leinwandhaus. Now the time has come for the institution’s third phase. In April 2006 Portikus moved to a new space, designed by Frankfurt architect Christoph Mäckler. The new building is located on a small island in the river Main at the very center of the city. Portikus is part of the Städelschule. This link facilitates an intensive exchange between the invited artists and the students of the art academy. Outstanding artists from all over the world stay a couple of days for their exhibitions in Portikus and the students at the academy profit from this in a variety of ways in the form of studio visits, projects and lectures.