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PAPILLON: Rendering by Maria Kochneva


The exhibition, “Pleasure and Polemics in Architecture”, which opens in the German Architecture Museum on July 11, 2009, pays tribute to the role of the pavilion in architecture. The exhibition presents a collection of select pavilions analyzed by students of the Städelschule Architecture Class and a study of a wall-structure-cum-pavilion, “Papillon”, designed by SAC faculty members, Johan Bettum and Lars Nixdorff.more....

Rundgang 2007: SAC's room



Rundgang in German stands for "Yearly Open Studio": presentation of students' work.
This takes place each year at the end of the winter semester, second weekend in February. For three days the students present their current works in their studios. Every time almost 10,000 visitors take the opportunity to get to know the Städelschule and its students.

Exhibition Opening - photo: SAC

Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf

Fifteen Pieces for a Soundscape

Conceived and directed by professors Ben van Berkel, Sanford Kwinter, and Johan Bettum with Luis Etchegorry, Fifteen Pieces for a Soundscape - First Movement is an architectural installation comprising a swarm of fourteen objects hovering in space in front of a wall-mounted photographic tableaux. These fifteen pieces are the result of geometrical experiments and investigations of 20th century music undertaken by the Architectural Class during the last six months. more (plus video)...

Theatre of Immanence - photo: Wolfgang Günzel


The Theatre of immanence

Ben van Berkel & the Theatre of Immanence is a combined art and architectural exhibition wherein the different parts in the exhibition are synthesised into a complete whole. The exhibition stages a theatre or space of communication: communication between the visitors and the exhibited works, between the virtual and the real, between the different visitors in the gallery and between the different parts in the exhibition. Throughout its period, the architectural installation will serve as a hub for various events including lectures, art performances, and hosted talks with invited guests, DJ-sessions that are to be broadcast and more.