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The Städelschule offers a lecture series and an event-program that most schools many times its size would envy. Known and not-so-known guests shuttle in and out of the school and offer an international and academic flair that can be all-consuming. Nested into this environment, SAC offers a program of its own that reflects that of the school.

At the same time, the micro-cosmos of SAC provides a lecture series and events program that span between the vastly international and the intimacy of a domestic setting. For instance, the formal structure of the lecture series is matched by improvised talks over a dinner or a table-tennis match with a guests in a manner that can only be had in SAC.



The events program of SAC spans from the public lecture series and exhibitions to private, SAC dinners. It combines the academic with the social and provides a platform for learning while offering a network for future social and professional contacts.

The lecture series is organized per term and has of recently focused on the topics related to the basic research in the winter semester and topics related to the Diploma Design Thesis brief in the summer semester.

In addition, SAC is engaged in an extensive exhibition program. This includes the most recent exhibition "Papillon and the Other Half" at DAM (Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt). Every year SAC also shows its ongoing work in the Open House Exhibition (Rundgang) of the Städelschule.

Additional events include the formal and informal reviews of the work and the many social gatherings of students and faculty - often with guests. To the latter category belongs the Graduation Dinner, held in honor of the last graduating class in autumn of each year.