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SAC News

30 October 2014

TEX FAB competition 2014 winner announced!

"We are extremely excited to announce the winner of the Plasticity Competition at ACADIA Design Agency conference chosen by the jury to move forward into the process of design development, engineering and fabrication.  Coupled with the support from TEX-FAB we are pleased to be joined by Kreysler and Associates who will provide technical support and fabrication expertise to complete the work to be installed in Houston at the next annual event March 26-29 hosted by University of Houston College of Architecture.

The event at USC hosted by David Gerber, Alvin Huang and Jose Sanchez set a new bar for the organization and we appreciated the exposure we could share with the finalists who attended including Alexandra Singer-Bieder from the Viscoplasty in Paris and the entire Puff'd team including Nel Long, Bennen Huller and Nikita Troufanov coming over from SCI-Arc who shared their great efforts and inventive use of composites with the international community who attended.

We look forward to the next phase of development and invite everyone to Houston next spring to see the results."
(official announcement from TEX-FAB, see the full press release here)

SAC is proud that APD graduate Vasily Sitnikov made it up to the best four competitors out of 70!

24 October 2014

TEX-FAB Competition 2014 results will be announced tomorrow

The results of the final round of TEX-FAB Competition 2014 'Plasticity' will be announced tomorrow!
Fingers crossed for our APD graduate Vasily Sitnikov with his project 'Monolith Translucent Lattice'.
The project video is available under the following link.

23 October 2014


Mirco Becker is presenting the paper Configurations of Intensity at ACADIA conference in Los Angeles. The conference will focus on - Design Agency - the computational design of work that redefines itself through new paradigms. The paper conceptualizes the APD project Digital Bodies which was conducted in collaboration with the Liebieghaus Frankfurt. It aims at extending the framework in which contemporary architectural form and formal features are discussed.

20 October 2014

Congratulations to Damjan Jovanovic for winning the AIV Master Thesis Prize 2014

SAC is proud to announce, that Damjan Jovanovic is the winner of this year's AIV Master Thesis Prize donated with 2000€. The jury, containing representatives of the Architekten- und Ingenieur-Verein Frankfurt, elected his project 'Running on Random ' being the best of all those submitted – a commendable mention was also announced for Sophia Passberger and Vasily Sitnikov donated with 500€ each.

20 October 2014

Graduation dinner 2014

As a tradition during the first week of the new semester, last Friday it was also the moment to honor the graduated students of 2014 before they scatter all around the world again.
For that, we had a nice evening during the Graduation Ceremony including a superior dinner and a great party afterwards!

Photo credit: Seung Wook Baek

Current Events

30 October 2014

TEX-FAB competition 2014 winner announced!

The jury of this year's TEX-FAB competition 'Plasticity' were announced last weekend and the winner is 'Plastic Stereotomy', handed in by Justin Diles.
APD graduate Vasily Sitnikov from SAC made it up to the best four out of 70!

24 October 2014

TEX-FAB Competition 2014

The Results for the final round of TEX-FAB Competition 2014, which our APD graduate Vasily Sitnikov entered, will be announced tomorrow!

20 October 2014

AIV Master Thesis Prize 2014 announced

The winner of this year's AIV Master Thesis Prize is AAP graduate Damjan Jovanovic!

20 October 2014

Mark and Beatriz around

Another intense weekend with seminars, leaded by Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina, passed by for the FYG!

20 October 2014

Graduation dinner 2014

Again it was time for SAC to honor it's latest graduates during the graduation ceremony and celebrate their success afterwards!