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SAC News

28 October 2015

The Feast: Prolegomenon - From Peelings to Core

Thursday, October 29, STÄDELSCHULE LICHTHALLE, 17:30

The Städelschule Architecture Class and its second year group, Architecture and Aesthetic Practice, in collaboration with AtelierSlice (Stockholm/New York) and Genießerakademie (Frankfurt) invites to The Feast. The Feast is a year-long experimental investigation into the relations between architecture, art and culinary practice, exploring opportunities for innovation in the making of tomorrow.

The Feast enquires into culinary art and its radical and sometimes innovative transformation of matter for choreographed and carefully sequenced experiences in order to transpose lessons from the experiments into new opportunities for architectural design.

To kick off the experimental programme, SAC and its collaborators invites to The Feast: Prolegomenon - From Peelings to Core, an evening with food and talk about food, architecture and art. Dorothy Hamilton, founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center (ICC), and Sayan Isaksson, founder of and chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Esperanto, in Stockholm, are main guests. They join AtelierSlice’s Jan Åman and Savinien Caracostea, Fabian Lange of the Genießerakademie, and Städelschule’s Daniel Birnbaum and Johan Bettum to discuss the history of food and cooking in architecture and the arts, the role of cooking and chefs in the 21st century and how the disciplines engage with innovation and innovations role in forming the future.

For the event, Sayan Isaksson will have prepared soup that will be served; Savinien Caracostea, who has a degree in Pastry Arts from the International Culinary Center in NYC, will serve pastry; and there will be tastes of wine chosen by Fabian Lange.

25 October 2015


Monday, October 26, STÄDELSCHULE AULA, 19:30

Our very own Peter Trummer offers his take on the histories of the discipline of architecture. Exploring ideas of mass, form, and part to whole relationships; leading to his current interests in a post-human architecture of zero content and zero form.

He has recently published an article, “The City as an Object” in LOG magazine. His previous essays include, “Associative Design – from Type to Population” in AD Reader: Computational Design Thinking, “Morphogenetic Urbanism” in AD Digital Cities, “Population Thinking in the age of Bio-politics” in Volume 18, “From Type to Population“ in Arch+189,  “The Architecture of the Many” in Morpho-Ecologies.

Peter Trummer is the Professor for Urban Design and Head of the Institute for Urban Design & Spatial Planning at the University of Innsbruck and also a visiting Professor at Southern California institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles. He is a Guest Professor and leader of the Architecture and Urban Design specialization at the Staedelschule Architecture Class.

24 October 2015

Graduation ceremony and dinner 2015

After a ceremony held at DAM (deutsches architekturmsueum) where all the graduates received their diplomas; a dinner and an after party was organized at the school. A celebration that is part of the SAC tradition.
Thanks to the new first year for organizing the event and Congratulations to all the graduates!

15 October 2015

New Academic Year 2015/2016

SAC officially kicked off the winter semester with an introduction week for the First Year Group and a presentation of the respective programmes of our four specialisations for the Master Thesis Group. We are welcoming all new students and guest-professor Holger Hoffmann (AAD). We are looking forward to an exciting new academic year!
The new SAC Website will also be launched very soon.

4 September 2015

Active Borders Exhibition

For the Architecture Summer, Staedelschule Architecture Class First Year Group has worked on developing a critical understanding of the border between Frankfurt and Offenbach. The projects presented are a culmination of a year-long exploration and research on the problem of transitions in architecture.
The exhibition will be on display at Galerie BRAUBACHfive from 11th to 27th September, and the official opening will be on the 11th of September at 7:00pm.

Current Events

25 June 2015


Cancellation: Lecture at June 25 by Clemens Weisshaar. Please follow SAC website or Facebook for any update and changes.

24 June 2015


SAC end-of-year program will start from June 25 to Jun 30 at the The Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM). Please follow SAC website or Facebook for more information.

18 June 2015


Cancellation: Lecture at June 18 by Benedetta Tagliabus. Please follow SAC website or Facebook for any update and changes.

4 June 2015

Lecture Series Updated

Cancellation: Lecture at JUNE 10 by Vanessa Carlow is cancelled. Please follow SAC website or Facebook for any update and changes.

11 May 2015


SAC proudly welcomes the return of Jeffrey Kipnis. Kipnis gives a lecture in the current public series on May 14 Thursday at STÄDELSCHULE AULA, 19:00.