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Städelschule is a state academy for fine arts in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

It dates back to the testament of Frankfurt merchant Johann Friedrich Städel from 1815. There, he founded the Städelsches Kunstinstitut from a bequest of his art collection and property. Additionally, he decreed the teaching of architectural and artistic sciences. Beginning in 1817, this was made possible through stipends from the estate of Städel.

Städel’s main intention was to support young people in their artistic education – independent of gender, religion or social background. He did not limit this to the region of Frankfurt am Main but granted the possibility to study abroad in order to, as he put it, educate the students ‘to become valuable and useful citizens’.

Today, Städelschule still follows this concept of equal, international, adventurous and independent artistic education. Since 1987, the exhibition space Portikus is an integral part of Städelschule. Meanwhile, Portikus has developed into a leading center for experimental art in Germany and thus adds to the international reputation of the academy.